About Painball What if we fill freedom with content again? What if we think about it, dance on it, catch the smoke, gather a thousand voices to shout freedom? What if there is music behind the noise of those who have sold our freedom? What if, here and now, you who were quiet, had voice? What if we listen the sound of no, the sound of yes, the sound of but? What if come join us and we build freedom together?


A creation by Les Impuxibles

Director Les Impuxibles

Text Bel Olid

Composition and musical interpretation Clara Peya

Choreohraphic direction Ariadna Peya

Artístic advisor and movement coach La intrusa- Virginia García

Performers Clara Peya , Ariadna Peya, Helena Gispert

Custome and set designer Marc Udina

Sound design Carles Bernal

Light Designer Jordi Berch

Photography Dorothee Elfring

Production Gràcia Camps

Distribution Fani Benages

A production of Les Impuxibles with the support of Fira Tàrrega, Fundació Catalunya- La Pedrera,

ICEC and Danceescool