AÜC – the inner shout

About the show

AÜC is what you hear between the seams of silence and anger. It is the cry or the lament silenced in our daily life. It is an uncomfortable but necessary place. AÜC talks about you, about me, about us. Sexual violence is made invisible by ignorance, connivance or horror. Sexual violence is diverse and much more widespread than we would like to imagine. We invite you to inhabit this AÜC, because there is nothing more revolutionary than seizing it. We share to recognize, we share to change, we share to lose our fear. Five interpreters, many stories, endless experiences and an AÜC. What happens when we gather a psychologist, a survivor of sexual violence, a sociologist, a dancer, a musician, a producer and a performer, all of them feminists? Well first, they know each other, they explain who they are, they share moments and they ask themselves complicated questions. This is the starting point of AÜC, a show that wants to put sexual violence at the center of dramatic action. As a team we want to get away from the topics that involve a complex issue such as sexual violence. Not only-we talk about the rapists who await you in a dark alley late at night. Nor of violence that victimizes women and thus gives them a role almost as an accessory to their own experiences. We understand that the way of this show is written in the first person. Sexual violence is explained in all the first people who live it. And we want to do everything from a feminist perspective, because we understand that in order to make a breakthrough spectacle with the topics and that can offer a proper debate on how we face sexual violence both socially and at the individual level, it is essential to do it this way. AÜC has a clear political will to face the invisible, to make audible what we do not want to hear, to reflect on the heavy mirror of the sexual violence that we have so close, although we wish it so far, to emerge strengthened, questioned and with desire – finally- to talk.

Artistic team

Performers: Júlia Barceló, Maria Salarich,

Olga LLadó, Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya

Set designer: Sarah Bernardy

Lighting design:Jordi Berch

Sound design:Josep Sanchez-Rico

Dressing design: Nuria LLunell

Photography: Kiku Piñol, Dorothee Elfring

Communication: Elena Gisbert

Production and distribution: Gràcia Camps

Recorded voice: Abril Frías

Dramaturgy advice: Marta Mariñas

Glòria Casas, Abril Frías, Clara V. Fleck

Artistic advice: Arantza López

Choreographic direction: Ariadna Peya

Musical direction: Clara Peya

Original music: Clara Peya

Texts and Dramaturgy: Carla Rovira

Authorship and Staging: Les Impuxibles and Carla Rovira

A production by Les Impuxibles in co-production with the Grec 2017 Festival de Barcelona and ICEC

With the collaboration of Fira Tàrrega, Escena Poblenou, Nau Ivanow, ContraCorrent,

Piano Sevei and Danceecool