FAM – New creation 2021

PREMIERE July 2021

Festival GREC Barcelona

Georges Canguilhem says that “all living forms are normalized monsters.”

The six interpreters in FAM, Ariadna, Clara, Elena, Kathy, Laia and Laila, are presented as six living archives, six documents of flesh and bone.

They put on the line their experience (embodied), but also a series of tales from the contemporary era that speak of eating disorders, aging, the pornification of the natural and consent. In short, the body as an occupied (and politicized) space by different models.

FAM invites us to ask how we relate to ourselves through self-esteem and to others through sex-affective relationships, to discover that the body is both the problem and the solution.

What begins as a requiem for the rest of the bodies, becomes a hymn/dance for diversity, for affections, actions, passions … Everything that loosen us, awakens us and dislodges the limits.

Autorship| Les Impuxibles, Judit Colomer and María Velasco

Direction| Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya

Musical composition and performance | Clara Peya

Choreography| Ariadna Peya

Text | María Velasco

Performers| Helena Gispert, Kathy Sey, Laia Manzanares, Laila White, Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya.

Scenic space | Judit Colomer Mascaró

Lighting design | Jordi Berch

Sound design | Carles Bernal

Screening| Carme Gomila

Clothing | Iker Nafta

Photography | Dorothee Elfring

Direction and production assistant | Xavi Buxeda

Content assistants | Teo Pardo, Elena Prous and Nagore Iturrioz

Accessibility assistant | Elia Farrero

Executive production | Gracia Camps Miró and Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch

Communication| Xavi Buxeda

Management| Mireia Gracia Bell-lloch

Production| Les Impuxibles, GREC Festival de Barcelona 2021 y Festival Temporada Alta 2020.

With the support of ICEC and the special collaboration of Festival Sismògraf.

Aknowledgments: El Graner, Denise Duncan, Julia Barceló, Joana Gomila, Nau Ivanow, El Graner, Carmen Duran, Antonio Centeno, Vicky Fotabon, Laura Vila Kremer, Txus García, Mari Luz Esteban, Mireia Calafell and Chantal Maillard.