FAM – New creation 2021

Did you hide your first period?
What do you mean by losing your virginity?
Have you had sex for money?
Would you like to be invisible at the beach?
Do you like furry women?
Did you know you are racist?

About FAM

In FAM we want to raise awareness of the pressure under which we live to fit our bodies into an idea, especially women, and the potential that the body has as a revolutionary tool if we reclaim it. We will talk about sexuality, gordophobia, eating disorders, racism, colonialism. In short, the diversity of bodies and how they conflict in society. We want to reflect on how to dismantle the canon and think of the body as a gift.

Artistically, we continue to bet and develop the mix of stage languages. Music, movement and word at same level. And looking for the stage formula to include accessibility as part of the artistic proposal.

The team

For this work in progress we have Peya sisters, Clara and Ariadna, Kathy Sey, actress and singer and Helena Gispert, a dancer with whom we have worked on other occasions. We may expand the team for the entire show, we intend to, but we’ll find out.

In addition, the singer Joana Gomila will work on the music with Clara Peya. The texts will be written by María Velasco, who already wrote Suite TOC nº6. And we are creating at a more conceptual level together with Judit Colomer, a stage designer who provides a dramatic look from the space we are very interested in developing.

Collaborators – Coproducers

At the moment we have the support of GREC Festival Barcelona, where we intend to premiere in 2021. Also, Temporada Alta Festival, where we will present a work in progress this december. We also have the collaboration of the Sismògraf Festival. And we continue looking for co-producers, residence and exhibition spaces.


We started doing table work, after a few months of research. We started rehearsals on November 2020; we will present a work in progress in December in Temporada Alta Festival; continue rehearsals and creation; and premiere in GREC Festival Barcelona on July 2021.


Autorship: Les Impuxibles, Judit Colomer and Maria Velasco
Direction: Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya
Composition and musical interpretation: Clara Peya
Choreography: Ariadna Peya
Text: Maria Velasco
Performers: Helena Gispert, Joana Gomila, Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya and Kathy Sey

Scenography: Judit Colomer Mascaró
Lighting design: Jordi Berch
Sound design: Carles Bernal
Direction assistant: Júlia Barceló
Content advisors: Teo Pardo and Carme Duran
Accessibility advisor: Èlia Farrero

Executive production: Gràcia Camps Miró
Management: Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch