About the show

About the show I am so scared. So much, that I wouldn’t know what to tell so as not to look like an unfortunate madman locked in his own flesh. What greater desire than running, touching, feeling and kissing. To live to the limit after the skin. I could write for months while anybody wouldn’t make me talk about my body. ” What happens when you identify with a gender that is not what your body determines? Limbo is the story of a transit. The experiences and the imaginary of Albert, who was Berta before.


Idea – Clara Peya, Ariadna Peya and Míriam Escurriola

Performers– Mariona Castillo, Tatiana Monells, Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya (piano)

Lightning design – Jordi Berch

Management and distribution – Gràcia Camps

Assistant director – Lluís Parera

Performers’ coach – Anna Sabaté

Musical programming – J. J. Caro i Clara Peya

Characterisation – Rut Fulgado

Photo and video – Kiku Piñol

Recorded voices – Ester Cort i Mariona Castillo

Recorded voice “Never Stay in between”- Lluís Parera

Original music– Clara Peya

Text and lyrics – Marc Rosich

Choreography – Ariadna Peya

Musical direction – Clara Peya

Staging – Míriam Escurriola

Based in Miguel Missé and Pol Galofré’s texts.